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Frequently Asked Questions

How to complete FL 115 proof of service of summons?

Proof of Service of Summons After you have a friend or professional serve your spouse the papers, fill out the FL-115 form and then have the person that served the papers date and sign the form. Click here for more information on the Service of Process procedure .

What is the difference between summons and a complaint?

is that summons is a call to do something, especially to come while complaint is a grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining. is to serve someone with a summons or summons can be ( summon ).

Do you have to serve a summons with a complain?

A summons with notice or summons and complaint must be served within 120 days of filing with the County Clerk. After service of process, the person who served the papers must fill out a statement, called an affidavit of service, which is sworn to and signed in front of a notary. One may also ask, how do you serve a summons and complaint? Overview.

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