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Frequently Asked Questions

Is prodigy free for teachers?

Teachers never pay for Prodigy All math, reporting, and access to the program is free, and free forever. The only way that we make money is a completely optional parent upgrade, which only unlocks extra game content (e.g., new hairstyles for a student’s character), and has absolutely no impact on Prodigy’s educational quality.

How to play old prodigy?

How To Play OLD PRODIGY!!! [WORKING 2020]Link To Play - Buy M...

Is prodigy educational?

Yes! Just like Prodigy Math, all of Prodigy English’s in-game educational content will be available at no cost for students and teachers. Will my Membership apply to Prodigy English? During the early access period, Prodigy English will not have any membership features. All content will be free for players, parents and teachers.

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