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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ppppvs?

PPVS are a leading provider of complete Facilities Management services. Established through two generations of family-run professional and responsible management. We strive to provide our clients, from independent to blue-chip corporations, secure and well-maintained environments across the UK enabling your business to focus on what it does best.

Who are PPVs’ clients?

Our current list of clients includes some of the biggest health club chains in the UK. PPVS also service the domestic market offering security, electrical and construction services for homes across Peterborough, East Anglia and the wider UK.

What are the different types of PPV in WWE?

The event holds different variations of Tables, Ladders, and Chair matches. WWE has announced a PPV to take place on New Year’s Day to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Royal Rumble is the first of the big 4 yearly PPV for WWE and the 2021 version took place in its traditional month of January 2021.

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