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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ppppv ophthalmology stand for?

PPV Ophthalmology Abbreviation 7 PPV Pars Plana Vitrectomy + 2 variants Medic ... Medical, Eye Surgery, Ophthalmic 3 PPV Pars P p lana V v itrectomy Medical, Opt ... Medical, Optometry 1 PPV P p ars P p lana V v itrectomy Medical Medical

What is a posterior pars plana vitrectomy (PPV)?

A posterior pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) is the most common approach. An eye surgeon may opt for this approach when the vitreous gel penetrates the pupil into the eye’s anterior (front) chamber. If the gel reaches this area of the eye, it could be due to:

What is the purpose of PPV in cataract surgery?

PPV removes vitreous opacities, and allows concomitant cataract surgery or posterior capsulotomy, if necessary to further improve visualization. PPV allows for more controlled drainage of subretinal fluid, either with perfluorocarbon liquids or internal drainage techniques (Brazitikos et al 2003).

What is the equivalent SOSR of better vision with PPV?

26 Equivalent SOSR (98% PPV, 92% SB/PPV, no p value given), equivalent vision (improvement ≥3 lines in 60% PPV, 69% SB/PPV, no p value given) Sharma et al 2005* 25 25 0 Equivalent SOSR (76% SB, 84% PPV, p = 0.48), better vision with PPV (20/105 SB, 20/71 PPV, p = 0.034) Brazitikos et al 2005* 75 75 0

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