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Frequently Asked Questions

What is positive pressure ventilation (PPV)?

Positive-pressure ventilation (PPV) remains the main intervention in neonatal resuscitation. While the science and practices surrounding monitoring and other aspects of neonatal resuscitation continue to evolve, the development of skills and practice surrounding PPV should be emphasized.

What does PPV stand for?

Purchase Price Variance (PPV) can be defined as the price difference between the amount that is paid to a supplier to buy a product and the actual cost of the product. If the actual cost has increased, it is known as positive variance and on the contrary, if the actual cost has declined,...

Is it always good to have a positive PPV?

It is not always good to have a positive or favourable PPV, as the quality of the materials might affect your product; hence, PPV should be analyzed with direct material quantity variance.

What are the signs of effective postpartum ventilator (PPV)?

An improvement in heart rate and establishment of breathing or crying are all signs of effective PPV. PPV may be initiated with air (21% oxygen) in term and late preterm babies, and up to 30% oxygen in preterm babies. Oximetry is used to target the natural range of oxygen saturation levels that occur in term babies.

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