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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PowerShell for GitHub?

PowerShellForGitHub by Microsoft’s PowerShell team. which exists within Microsoft’s PSGallery repository ecosystem which consists of modules. It’s a package manager like Chocolatey for Windows Desktops and the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) of Linux distributions.

What is Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK?

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK acts as an API wrapper for the Microsoft Graph APIs, exposing the entire API set for use in PowerShell. It contains a set of cmdlets that helps you manage identities at scale from automating tasks to managing users in bulk using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

What is the GitHub Docs REST API?

Activity - GitHub Docs Use the REST API to list events and feeds and manage notifications, starring, and watching. Skip to main content GitHub Docs Version: Free, Pro, & Team Search GitHub Docs All products REST API API Version: 2022-11-28 (latest) Quickstart Overview Resources in the REST API API Versions Media types Other authentication methods

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