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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download a module from the PowerShell Gallery?

You can download the module from the PowerShell Gallery using Install-Module PSScriptAnalyzer. Our main goal is to help consumers of the Gallery content know that the modules on the Gallery have passed basic tests, so that they feel more comfortable downloading them.

Is your PowerShell gallery content trustworthy?

Quality and trust of PowerShell Gallery content have been a concern since the beginning. These issues were somewhat addressed with peer-monitoring via the Report Abuse and Contact Support links on each module details page. We even implemented a new cmdlet, Save-Module, which allowed users to assess a module’s contents before installing it.

How do I find packages in the PowerShell Gallery?

You can find packages in the PowerShell Gallery using the Search control on the PowerShell Gallery's home page, or by browsing through the Modules and Scripts from the Packages page.

What is the powershellget module?

The PowerShellGet module contains cmdlets for discovering, installing, updating, and publishing PowerShell packages from the PowerShell Gallery. These packages can contain artifacts such as Modules, DSC Resources, Role Capabilities, and Scripts. Windows PowerShell 5.1 comes with version of PowerShellGet preinstalled.

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