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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a PowerShell function?

To define a function, you use the function keyword, followed by a descriptive, user-defined name, followed by a set of curly braces. Inside the curly braces is a scriptblock that you want PowerShell to execute. Below you can see a basic function and executing that function.

What are the benefits of using a PowerShell function?

When you invest time in creating PowerShell functions, the benefits are as follows: firstly, you can repeat the block of code easily and reliably by calling the Function’s name again and again. Secondly, you can introduce parameters which modify the code, for example, to change a name or a numeric value within the code block.

What is an example of a PowerShell function?

# PowerShell function example script: Calculate batting average # Author: Guy Thomas Function Get-BatAvg { [cmdletbinding ()] Param ( [string]$Name, [int]$Hits, [int]$AtBats ) # End of Parameters Process { Clear-Host "Enter Name Hits AtBats..."

What is the difference between a PowerShell function and a PowerShell Azure function?

This article provides details about how you write Azure Functions using PowerShell. A PowerShell Azure function (function) is represented as a PowerShell script that executes when triggered. Each function script has a related function.json file that defines how the function behaves, such as how it's triggered and its input and output parameters.

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