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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PostNet International?

PostNet (company) PostNet International is the franchisor of PostNet centers, which provide graphic design and printing services for businesses and consumers.

What is a POSTNET code?

POSTNET ( Post al N umeric E ncoding T echnique) is a barcode symbology used by the United States Postal Service to assist in directing mail. The ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code is encoded in half- and full-height bars.

Why choose POSTNET for print&design?

See why PostNet is your one stop shop for reliable print, design, and shipping solutions. Put simply, our bottom line is built around helping others succeed, and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Bring projects to life. Tackle everything in one place. Get it done quickly.

What is the difference between POSTNET and Intelligent Mail?

The POSTNET barcode was replaced by the Intelligent Mail barcode in the fall of 2009, combining all previous Postal Service barcodes and marking into a single barcode.

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