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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Portillo's restaurants are there in Illinois?

Portillo's has locations in Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, and California. There are 9 Barnelli's restaurants throughout Illinois.

What kind of food does Portillo’s have?

Burgers. Salads. | Portillo's This opens in a new window. Find out why our fans are obsessed! Get Obsessed

Is there a Portillo’s in Florida?

Outside of its native Illinois, the restaurant has also expanded in Florida and Indiana. There are Portillo’s branches that are diner-styled and are able to accommodate a lot of people per table, and there are also branches that provide more intimate seating.

Does Portillo's have free delivery?

Order Portillo's without the delivery fees December 7 through December 12! Portillo's just got better—order a Chicago-style feast from the comfort of your couch without the delivery fees! From December 7 through December 12, we are offering free delivery on all orders placed directly at! Read More Gather ‘round, tell us a story!

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