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Frequently Asked Questions

What is standard outlet?

What Is the Standard Voltage in a Home Electrical Outlet? The standard voltage of a home electrical outlet in the United States is 120 volts, although the actual voltage supplied may be as low as 110 volts, due to line conditions. A few appliances, like stoves and electric dryers, may use 240 volts, which require special wiring and outlets.

Where are Premium Outlets located?

There are 74 Premium Outlets located in the US and 16 in Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Mexico, with seven Designer Outlets in Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Simon's Property Group is constantly adding new outlet properties to its portfolio and renovating older established outlet locations.

What is a store outlet?

Outlets, also known as factory outlets or outlet stores, are a type of store that directly sells their products from the manufacturer to the public, often at discounted prices. Thus, the key difference between outlet and store is that outlets are directly connected to the manufacturer and don’t typically involves middlemen whereas general stores involve middlemen.

What is a premium outlet?

Though premium outlet malls are typically home to factory outlet stores, there is no formal legal definition of the term “outlet.” As a result, some premium outlet malls may contain regular retail stores selling full-priced products.

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