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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the Oswego area?

OSWEGO — Oswego city police arrested a Syracuse man Oct. 2 after he allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab a victim. OSWEGO— A jury Thursday convicted a 32-year-old Cicero man for the assault of a 69-year-old man outside a Hastings bar last June, according to Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes.

What's new for Oswego Police Department next year?

OSWEGO — The Oswego Police Department’s operation will see significant changes next year following the approval of a new five-year contract between the Lake City Police Club and the city. OSWEGO — High winds whipped throughout central New York over the weekend, causing power outages and toppling trees.

What's new at Oswego Health?

OSWEGO — Every 73 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted. OSWEGO — Oswego Health officials recently updated their visitation policy, now allowing “limited visitation” in the hospital, emergency department and local urgent care locations. FULTON — This holiday season, Fulton residents have even more incentive to support local businesses.

What is happening in Oswego City School District?

The Oswego City School District Board of Education met last night, Tuesday December 7, with only board member Pamela Dowd absent. […] Mayor Barlow has issued a state of emergency in the City of Oswego. This State of Emergency has been declared due to ambulance diversion of Oswego’s only hospital emergency department.

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