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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Oswego University?

Tuition and fees at Oswego are more than 10% lower than the national average for public universities. A degree is an investment, and avenues to get there include scholarships, grants, student employment and loans. Our Career Services can help you discover and forge paths that connect your passions and your values to your talents.

Do I need an app to apply for an Oswego scholarship?

All applicants will automatically be evaluated for generous Oswego scholarships — no extra app needed! Registration opens Oct. 18. Earn up to 8 credits from the comfort of home during three online sessions.

Where can I Buy college sports apparel?

Find your college sports apparel store on Prep Sportswear and begin shopping for college gear, college clothing, sports apparel, sports clothing, and college fan gear in your college store. Prep Sportswear has college clothing for every college sports fanatic, including t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, and hats.

What is the SUNY Oswego experience?

The SUNY Oswego Experience is ... Grounded in our Learner-Centered approach. Designed for the academic, social, health & financial well-being of every student. We are a welcoming place for everyone at our Oswego, Syracuse, and Digital campuses.

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