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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products of oil and gas?

Petroleum, or crude oil, is a fossil fuel that is frequently associated with the production of gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil, but it has many uses. Some household products, such as detergent and candles, are made from petroleum.

What is Orion solar?

Orion has solar panels that absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity. The solar panels look like the letter X across the outside of the spacecraft. The panels will get power from the sun when Orion is in space. Orion's First Flight NASA wants to be sure that Orion will do its job well. And it must work safely.

What is oil and gas pipeline?

Petroleum pipelines transport crude oil or natural gas liquids, and there are three main types of petroleum pipelines involved in this process: gathering systems, crude oil pipeline systems, and refined products pipelines systems. The gathering pipeline systems gather the crude oil or natural gas liquid from the production wells.

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