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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best example of Gaudí’s organic architecture?

The façade is divided according arch and creates an impression of sea waves. It is a triumph of Gaudí’s organic architecture. Sl. 3. Antoni Gaudí: Casa Milà, proèelje, Barcelona, Španjolska, 1910. Proèelje je artikulirano prema

What is gaudi's style of architecture?

Gaudi's style could be described as a mix of Art Nouveau and his own unique organic style which was influenced by shapes and structures from the natural world. One of Gaudi's most impressive and beautiful buildings is Casa Batlló, shown below.

What is an example of Gaudí's structural forms?

Gaudí found abundant examples of them in nature, for instance in rushes, reeds and bones; he used to say that there is no better structure than the trunk of a tree or a human skeleton. These forms are at the same time functional and aesthetic, and Gaudí discovered how to adapt the language of nature to the structural forms of architecture.

What are the characteristics of unique style of organic architecture?

unique style of organic architecture. He hated nature and geometry. Some of the undisput- (whose construction began in 1886). Santiago Calatrava and many others. shapes. Patterns and shapes in nature in- enced as harmony.

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