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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the OneSource training library?

OneSource Training Library (Self Service Training) - Off campus and non-Athens location users will need to sign in to the VPN to access the OneSource Training Library, as well as the UGA Financial Management System. More information on downloading and installing the VPN can be found at

What is OneSource?

What is OneSource? OneSource is an ongoing UGA initiative to improve efficiency, streamline business and HR processes, reduce burden and support data-driven decisions through innovative infrastructure and technology. WELCOME!

How do I request reports from OneSource?

Campus users are encouraged to review available reports and request new reports by contacting [email protected] Reports are focused on providing information to assist users in managing their budgets. These reports can be high level and focused on overall operations, or detailed with specific chartfields displayed.

What is the OneSource roadmap and what does it include?

The OneSource Roadmap includes information about upgrades, enhancements and system maintenance for the UGA Financial Management System, the UGA Budget Management System and OneUSG Connect.

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