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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneSource and how does it work?

oneSOURCE gives your entire facility access to the world’s most complete online database service of manufacturers’ validated (IFUs). This means you can easily reduce errors in sterile processing and improve patient safety by subscribing to oneSOURCE.

What is the OneSource surgical instruments & equipment database?

The oneSOURCE Surgical Instruments & Equipment Database contains validated manufacturer IFUs for reusable surgical instruments, devices and equipment.

What are instructions for use (IFU)?

Healthcare product manufacturers are required to produce and provide Instructions for Use (IFU) documents for their reusable surgical instruments, medical devices and equipment and implantable biologics, materials and devices.

Why are IFU's so important?

There’s no underestimating the importance of Instructions For Use (IFU) documents. In a life-or-death situation, the most current instructions are critical for patient safety. Without the latest IFUs, you increase the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.

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