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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make OneDrive available offline?

Go to the OneDrive folder which you can easily find through the left-side navigation pane. Find your desired files or folders, right click on them and select “Make available offline” or “Make available online-only” depending on your needs. As before, the change will be applied immediately.

Can I use OneDrive to backup my Computer?

With OneDrive, computers settings cannot be saved and applications cannot be saved, meaning only aspect OneDrive can help with is downloading crucial files for your computers. The final answer is that Microsoft’s OneDrive cannot be used to backup your PC, primarily because it is for uploading files and pictures online.

Can OneDrive be used as a file backup?

OneDrive cannot be used for backing up Windows . For that, because you only have one storage drive, you will need an external USB drive, alternatively you can store backups on another computer on your network. For file and personal data backups, OneDrive is an ideal solution. Using OneDrive as default location to save everything, all your data is always automatically uploaded to OneDrive cloud.

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