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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of financial management?

Learn, Explain What are the Goals of Financial Management?Profit Maximization: Profit maximization is a stated goal of financial management. ...Profitability Maximization: Profit as an absolute figure conveys less and conceals more. ...EPS Maximization: Maximization Earnings Per Share (EPS) involves maximizing earnings after tax gave the number of outstanding equity shares.More items...

What is the primary goal of the financial manager?

It is a clear goalIt considers the timing of cash flowsIt considers the quality of benefitsIt reduces the conflict of interest among the stakeholders of a firm.

What are the major functions of a financial manager?

Financial Managers are those who mainly deal with financial resources and make a decision about financial matters. Every decision taken by financial managers is concerning investing and financing. Basically, the functions of a financial manager can be categorized into three main functions.

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