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Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers in the NY Lottery?

The New York Lotto has five prize categories, and to win the jackpot players must successfully guess 6 numbers. The bonus number is used for the second place win (5 numbers plus the bonus ball) only.

What are the lottery numbers for New York State?

The contact number of New York Lottery is +1 516-222-8260.

How do you play lottery in NY?

How To Play NY Lottery, Lotto Game. In order, to get the winning prize, you should compare at least 5 numbers from the 6 number which is drawn on the play card and it also contains the Bonus number of the player. The Bonus Number would be the seventh number which is allotted to the 2 nd prize winner. The game could be play 7 days a week at the specific timings of 4:00a.m.

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