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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about the lunar eclipse?

Lunar eclipses, explainedUnder a blood moon. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon moves behind Earth, from the sun's perspective. ...Different eclipse types. Total lunar eclipses can only happen when the moon is full, which means they can coincide with other full-moon phenomena, such as supermoons, blue moons, and harvest ...Lunar eclipse myths. ...

When is the next total lunar eclipse?

When is the next eclipse? During the evening of Sunday, May 15 and into the early hours of Monday, May 16, 2022 a total lunar eclipse—also known as a “Blood Moon”—will be visible from North and South America, plus parts of Europe and Africa.

What time will the Eclipse occur?

What time will the 2024 eclipse happen? The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 will occur on April 8, 2024, starting in Mazatlán, Mexico, at 10:51 a.m. local time. It’ll move northeast across the continent, all the way through Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, where the eclipse will begin at 4:07 p.m. local time. 8 Apr 2022.

How often does a full lunar eclipse happen?

Unlike solar eclipses, observing a total lunar eclipse does not require any special equipment. Lunar eclipses are safe to see with the naked and unaided eye. How Often Do They Happen? About 29% of all lunar eclipses are total lunar eclipses. On average, a total lunar eclipse can be seen from any given location every 2.5 years.

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