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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LifeLock Norton worth it?

Whether you find LifeLock’s services to be worth the price or not depends on how proactive you want to be about guarding your online identity and how much you have at risk. For people willing to do the legwork themselves and who are looking for basic identity theft monitoring, LifeLock may not be worth the monthly cost.

How much is Norton LifeLock annually?

That makes it $180 a year. $19.99/mo plan: This plan goes up to $24.99 a month after the first year. That’s $300 annually. $29.99/mo plan: This one costs $34.99 a month after the inaugural year. That’s $420 a year. Let’s look at the LifeLock subscription plans in more detail. Here are some of the best features:

Is LifeLock the best security?

Overall, LifeLock is a mostly effective tool to monitor for identity theft after it happens. However, it is ineffective at preventing identity theft in the first place. Thankfully, we did not have an opportunity to test their identity theft support services or coverage for financial losses.

Is LifeLock included with Norton?

That’s where Norton comes in. Norton with LifeLock offers security for your digital life — by helping to protect your PCs and Macs ®, mobile devices, privacy, Internet-connected home network, and now your identity. Do the math. In this case, 1 + 1 is clearly greater than 2. Norton with LifeLock is a powerful force for cybercriminals to reckon with.

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