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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Norton VPN work with Windows 11?

Disappointingly Norton have not offered ANY solution. I can only think that this is because Norton know that their VPN does not work with Windows 11 and that Norton cannot fix this issue. It is also very clear that many users have this same issue in being unable to use the Secure VPN feature.

How do I Fix my Norton VPN not working?

If the problem persists, restart Norton Secure VPN. If you have Norton Secure VPN as part of Norton 360 on Mac, restart your device. Start Norton Secure VPN. In the top-right corner, click the user icon , and click Sign out. Click the settings icon and click Quit Norton Secure VPN. Restart your device.

How to open Norton secure VPN on Windows 10?

Fix problem opening Norton Secure VPN on Windows If you cannot open Norton Secure VPN from the desktop icon or from the Start menu, you can open it from the system tray or notification area. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, double-click the Norton Secure VPN icon to open it.

How do I Turn Off VPN?

You should see "VPN" page. Click "Auto VPN". IF the "Auto VPN" button is "ON" then turn it "OFF". Go back to "Secure VPN" and click "Turn On". Should see "connecting" under "Secure VPN", then "Your connection is protected", along with the NORTON notification window "Connection is secured" and under that "Your data is now protected on this network".

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