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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LifeLock free with Norton?

There are no free Norton Lifelock memberships. Of course, to determine whether or not you should sign up with this company, you first need to know what LifeLock is all about. Well, here, you can gain an in-depth look at this identity theft protection agency. In turn, you will be better equipped to understand the services that they offer you.

Does LifeLock offer virus protection?

It’s a fine product but there are free ransomware and virus protection programs for your computer. LifeLock’s Troubled Past Although LifeLock sells a suite of products that claim to help you when companies get in trouble, LifeLock itself was in trouble in the past. Advertisement

How do I log into Norton?

Connect to public Wi-Fi.Browse to a site, such as portal screen should open with a sign-in page to accept browsing terms and conditionsLog in, accept terms, and browse away

How to log into Norton?

Sign in to cloud vault from mobile deviceOpen Norton Password Manager app.When you launch the Norton Password Manager app for the first time, you are taken to the License and Service Agreement page Tap Agree and Launch to accept the Norton ...Sign in to your account.More items...

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