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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Norton 360 include free VPN?

There is a limit to how much Norton Secure VPN can cost. You can also receive Norton Secure VPN for free if you purchase Norton 360, which was our No. 1 pick in security 2022, in addition to our top pick for all kinds of online threats.

What are features of Norton 360?

Features – Norton 360 Total Protection. This multi-platform security tool focuses on five important areas. They are: Device Security. Cloud Backup. Encrypted VPN. Password Manager. Parental Control (360 Deluxe and 360 Premium only). Detailed information about all these features can be found below:

Do I still need Norton 360?

While I do have some complaints, I still think Norton 360 provides an excellent value. I’m impressed by how many well-built features each package includes. Most competitors offer some extra features along with their basic anti-malware scanner, but almost all of Norton 360’s security tools would be worth buying on their own.

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