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Frequently Asked Questions

Which NFL teams have not played a game in London?

Game history. Following the 2018 International Series games, only two of the 32 teams will have not played in the International Series: the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers. The Houston Texans have never played in London, but played an International Series game in Mexico City.

What NFL teams have played in London?

That means that 29-of-32 NFL teams have played there. Only three teams remain: the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans. NFL teams loathe to give up a home game to travel to London. The Raiders, Chargers and Jaguars will all play in London.

Is there a NFL team in London?

The London NFL franchise is a hypothetical National Football League (NFL) American football team based in London, England; formed as a new expansion team, or by relocating one of the existing 32 NFL teams currently based in the United States.

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