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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online roulette game?

Roulette is one of the most popular table games found in land based casinos around the world and online roulette is no different. There are plenty of top sites to play roulette online, with several versions usually on offer.

Should you play free online Roulette in 2021?

One of the great things about playing free online roulette is the variety of different games on offer. Unlike the classic version you'll find at land casinos in 2021, playing at an online roulette casino opens a world of exclusive roulette variations unavailable elsewhere.

Where is the single-zero roulette game popular?

The only place that the single-zero roulette game didn’t become popular was in the United States, where, to this day, the double-zero version of the game sill dominates. Other places where the double-zero roulette game is popular include the Caribbean, Canada, and South America. Roulette is a simple game.

Should you play live dealer roulette at home?

It's a great option if you play online roulette at home but still want the social interaction of being in a land casino. The fact that human dealers are used means live dealer roulette is often only available to play with real money.

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