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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best removal companies in the UK?

1. PSS Removals 2. Anglo Pacific 3. Britannia Removals International PLC 4. White & Company 5. Robinsons Relocation 6. John Mason International Movers 7. Abel’s Moving Services 8. Fox Moving & Storage 9. Bishop’s Moving Group 10. Excess International Movers 11. Pickfords Move Management 12. Santa Fe Relocation – London 13.

How do I move to the UK?

A majority of people moving to the UK elect to move via shared container. This service shares the space in a container meaning the cost to move to the UK is only based on the amount of space you use. Also as one of our most popular destinations, containers are filled multiple times a month, meaning quick sailings.

What overseas removals do AGS worldwide movers offer?

They provide overseas removals from the UK to over 6500 destinations worldwide. Whether you’re moving to Jamaica or Japan, they’ll provide a safe and secure passage for your treasured household belongings. AGS Worldwide Movers is an international moving company.

Is it easy to move cargo to the UK?

Choosing the best one isn’t always easy. However, we’ve been shipping cargo to destinations across the United Kingdom for a very long time and we have our own facility in the UK, which is only 30 minutes away from our port of entry. At Schumacher Cargo, our international movers make relocating to the UK easy.

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