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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of mountains?

The Himalayas, Alps, Andes and Appalachian Mountains are examples of fold mountains. The Jura Mountains in Switzerland and France and the Zagros Mountains in Iran and Iraq are also fold mountains. Fold mountains form when tectonic plates push against each other.

How high is a mountain?

In the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, a mountain is usually defined as any summit at least 2,000 feet (or 610 metres) high, whilst the official UK government's definition of a mountain, for the purposes of access, is a summit of 600 metres or higher.

Which mountain is the longest mountain in the world?

The world's longest above-water mountain range is the Andes, about 7,000 km (4,300 mi) long.

What is the highest mountain not in Asia?

Located in the Andes mountain range in Mendoza Province, Argentina, Aconcagua has a summit elevation of 6,960.8 meters (22,837 ft). This makes it the highest mountain outside of Asia. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in both the southern and the western hemispheres. Aconcagua is also the highest peak in the Americas.

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