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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a moving company give you a motorcycle shipping quote?

Yes, a moving company can give you a motorcycle shipping quote. Some motorcycle owners prefer using professional moving companies like IVL when shipping both household belongings and a motorcycle. Just be aware that costs can be on the high end. People also asked . . . How Do I Identify Auto Transport Scams?

Who is the best motorcycle shipping company? researched 10 motorcycle shipping companies, interviewed industry leaders, and collected more than 200 quotes to find the country’s best motorcycle transporters. Our top pick: You can’t do better than Montway Auto Transport. The company has low rates, uses the safest drivers, and gets excellent customer reviews.

How does motorcycle shipping work?

A professional transport company takes care of the entire motorcycle shipping process for you, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about during your relocation. Most motorcycle moving companies offer door-to-door shipping, picking up the chopper at one location and dropping it off at the designated address.

Can you put a motorcycle in a moving truck?

Yes, you can often put your motorcycle inside a moving truck. While it’s not recommended, moving truck companies will typically recommend that you bleed the bike’s engine and then safely secure the motorcycle for transport. Should I ship my bike on an open trailer or enclosed trailer?

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