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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real Granny challenge in Minecraft Monstar school?

This is real granny challenge in minecraft monstar school! MONSTER SCHOOL VS GRANNY CHALLENGE! Ft. Slender Man (official) Minecraft Horror Game Animation Video Who is Paul Whelan? Brittney Griner's freedom draws attention to U.S. Marine veteran still held in Russia

What is Monster School?

The logo of the series. Monster School is a popular series about a class of monsters that are going to their school to learn how to be a monster properly and slightly more advanced with Herobrine as the teacher, together with a witch named Hildegarde . Each episode is a new lesson, and the monsters are usually given a task without any instructions.

What are the zombie villagers in Monster School?

Zombie Villagers - They are the workers/staff at the Monster School. They do everything from being janitors to cafeteria workers. Creep [Creeper] - A quite lazy student that usually steals other students' work instead of actually doing things on his own. Although if he has to, he does. Skellington [Skeleton] - An awful archer, but a gifted cook.

How many episodes are there in Minecraft player school?

A fan made series, Minecraft Player School, by Shane which has 8 episodes: Farming, Crafting, Brewing, Fighting, Scaring, Parkour, redstone and students vs RexTheGamer. Ironically, both series had new students (with Shane's series getting a new classroom).

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