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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a granny challenge in Minecraft Monstar school?

This is real granny challenge in minecraft monstar school! Minecraft Monster School 4 –Cooking Baking (Minecraft Animation) Cook Episode #4 NEW Monster School (FUNNY) Minecraft: Monster School- Top 5 Monster School Animations (2016) #3 Monster School - SQUID GAME vs MONSTER SCHOOL - Minecraft Animation

What is Monster School?

Monster School is a famous fan-made series originally created by WillsCraft and soon it was been created by allot of minecraft fan animators all around the world.

Is the monster school series hostile?

The Monster School Series was actually an alternate universe of the original minecraft universe , so the monsters aren't "hostile" at all their just "neutral" (When I said "hostile" and "neutral" it was because the main protagonists are all anti-heroes).

What information do the students (monsters) have about their original selves?

The students (monsters) doesn't have any information or knowledge about their original selves at all. The mobs in Monster School are different from the original mobs of minecraft (example: Enderman in some series were portrayed to be immunity towards being harmed by water).

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