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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Baldi die in Minecraft?

The game is designed in Minecraft pixel style which makes the school and the monsters and first of all Baldi look even creepier. But don’t worry, even if the angry teacher catches you, you won’t die – you will just respawn at the beginning of the day and will have to go all the way from the very start.

Is Monster School coming back to Minecraft?

Monster School is opening its doors again, this time in Minecraft! Plus there is an old familiar character making his grim return in this new setting – Baldi! You probably remember his from a self-named game where you had to make it out of the campus having collected seven notebooks and solved all the equations.

What happened to Mario Baldi?

After years spent working in upscale Italian restaurants around the city, including Il Giardino and the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Mr. Baldi, who died in 2011, opened his own spot.

Who is Giorgio Baldi?

Giorgio Baldi (or “Baldi,” as some regulars call it) first opened in 1990 and was popular from the start, particularly among Los Angeles’s celebrity circuit.

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