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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good pouring medium?

A good pouring medium gives you the fluid dynamics you want from water-thinned paints while making sure the paint retains its integrity and vibrancy. When you use a pouring medium, you won’t need much water, if any, to make your paints flow the way you want.

How do you mix pouring medium and acrylic paint?

A basic recipe for paint mixing using pouring medium and acrylic paint is as follows: 1 Half a cup of paint 2 Half a cup of pouring medium 3 One tablespoon of water

What is the ratio of Liquitex to pouring medium?

The typical ratio of Liquitex Basics to pouring medium is 1 part Liquitex to 3 parts medium (again, depending on your desired consistency). If you’re using a thinner craft paint like Nicole’s Acrylics, you will need less medium to get to the consistency you’d like.

How long does pouring medium last?

Medium can be stored for a period of time, but we find that up to a week is best. How Much Pouring Medium To Use The amount of pouring medium you need will depend greatly on your project, technique, and most of all, your paint. If you’re using thicker paint like Liquitex Basics, you might need a bit more medium to get the right consistency.

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