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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pouring medium?

A pouring medium is an additive used to improve paints. By “improve,” we mean that the pouring medium makes acrylic paints pour more smoothly and improves their consistency. It acts as both a diluting agent and a binder.

What is the best pouring medium for acrylic paint?

Most acrylic paint pouring mediums are all-purpose, which means that they are the optimized consistency, flow, and binding for your acrylic paint. Floetrol and Liquitex are two popular examples of these all-purpose acrylic pour medium. There are also many more specific products on the market which are intended for pouring paint.

How do you thin and mix paint for acrylic pouring?

To thin and mix paint for acrylic pouring you will use two main ingredients: acrylic paint and pouring medium. You mix the paint with the medium until your final mix runs like warm honey, motor oil, or chocolate syrup. If necessary add some water to thin further. A disclaimer: the “right” consistency depends on a few different factors:

How long does pouring medium last?

Medium can be stored for a period of time, but we find that up to a week is best. How Much Pouring Medium To Use The amount of pouring medium you need will depend greatly on your project, technique, and most of all, your paint. If you’re using thicker paint like Liquitex Basics, you might need a bit more medium to get the right consistency.

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