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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you listen to a Minneapolis police scanner online?

By listening to a Minneapolis police scanner online, an ordinary citizen can be appraised of whatever is happening out there in the field. Emergencies like fire, burglary, car chases, and traffic accidents can cause harm on any local, and this explains why many residents want to learn about mishaps right away.

What counties have police in St Paul MN?

Dakota County - Mendota Hts Police Dakota County - West St Paul Police Carver County Sheriff F-1 Dispatch Dakota County - Hastings Police Dakota County - West St Paul Police Ramsey County Sheriff F-1 Dispatch Anoka County Sheriff F-1 Dispatch Hennepin County - Edina Police F-1 City of St Paul Como Zoo Minnesota State University (Chaska)

How do I file a police report in Minneapolis MN?

You need to submit your request to one of three departments: Police, City Attorney, or Civil Rights. For emergencies, call 911. TTY users can call 911 directly. Text-to-911 is available in Minneapolis.

Where does the Minneapolis Police Department gain its authority?

We in the Minneapolis Police Department gain our authority from the community. We recognize that public safety is not just the absence of crime but the presence of justice. We're hiring new police officers.

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