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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there military service academies in the US?

Military Service Academies. There are five military academies affiliated with the parent military component that funds the schools. They are classified as Federal Service Academies. Each school has a high ranking military Commandant that serves as the school’s Dean. The application processes are long and rigid.

Where is Merchant Marine Academy located in the US?

Located in Kings Point, NY, the parent military component is the United States Merchant Marines. Unlike the other four military schools, Merchant Marine Academy graduates can elect to serve in their parent military component or go into the reserves or on active duty in any of the other military branches.

What are the characteristics of military schools?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Most military schools in the United States are high schools that place a high emphasis on military preparation, academic rigor, and physical fitness. Most military schools are private and have high tuition, with financial aid available.

What is the Army Cadet Academy like?

The academy is affiliated with the United States Army. The school employs a military educational model to develop academic and skilled future leaders. The cadet population consists of a few thousand cadets and there is a rigid application process.

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