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Frequently Asked Questions

What is militaria?

Only 1 left! What Is Militaria? The term "militaria" defines any object relating to the military, such as uniforms, firearms, and military decorations. Such objects are usually genuine, with some historical significance, and they are popular collectibles. Replica items also fall into the category of militaria.

Who is B&B militaria?

Welcome to B&B Militaria! We specialize in quality militaria from all nations and conflicts with special emphasis on WWI, WWII and Vietnam. We have 40 years of collecting experience and over 25 years of militaria sales.

Do you sell authentic WW2 militaria?

We sell a wide range of authentic ww2 militaria. All our products are guaranteed originals unless stated otherwise. The items we offer are exclusively intended for collectors of WWII historycal items and educatinal purposes.

Where can I find 100% original militaria?

VDG Militaria (formerly known as Van Der Gaughan Militaria) is your source of 100% original militaria from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, England and other allied and axis nations. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something other than what is listed on our site.

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