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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mega?

Why use MEGA? By properly applying end-to-end encryption, MEGA achieves actual privacy by design. MEGA is a cloud based service which can be used from all major devices and platforms from anywhere with Internet. MEGA is carefully engineered to achieve the highest level of security for its users.

What is Mega Millions and how does it work?

Mega Millions is a massive U.S. lottery with jackpots that are frequently in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars. Read on for a brief history of this ever-popular game.

What is the Mega cloud?

MEGA owns and operates its redundant server infrastructure directly, ensuring that your data always remains available. MEGA is one of the most generous cloud services on the Internet, with easy ways to expand and extend your free storage. What can you do with MEGA?

What are the features of Mega Limited?

“Mega Limited offers four different cloud storage plans that vary based on your storage needs. Features include a live encrypted backup, end-to-end encryption and secure global access.”

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