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Frequently Asked Questions

When is 'me llamo' or 'Mi nombre' used?

“Mi nombre es” is always a formal way to introduce yourself or just an information about your name. A guy to a girl in a party “Oh hello, my name is John” (me llamo) informal. / A teacher in his first day “Good morning class my name is John Smith” (me llamo) more formal / A man in a trial to the judge “my name is John Smith” (me llamo) formal.

What does me llamo means in English?

“Me llamo” means literally “I call myself.” But in English, the figurative meaning is “My name is.” Figurative meaning simply means the correct or acceptable way the way any phrase in a foreign language is said in English.

What does llama Me Mean in English?

What does Llamame mean in Spanish? Llamame means Call me! for example if you are talking to someone and that person tells you or you tell that person llamame mas tarde means call me later. or i'm going to take a nap wake me up at 9 means Voy a descansar llamame a las 9. those just are little examples . hope them help you.

What does you Me llamo mean in Spanish?

“Me llamo” means “I am called“, and “mi nombre es” means “my name is”. You would normally use “me llamo” in most situations, although it doesn’t make much of a diference. You can use both, because both are correct, and they are used in the same situations : Me llamo María.

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