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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between llamarse and Me llamo?

This is the informal way of asking what someone calls theirself. No matter what the form of the question, the response is "me llamo (your name)". This is a simple thing, as it's something you often hear or are familiar with before you learn Spanish, but I forgot it anyway. The difference is simply that the verb is "llamarse" not just "llamar."

Is it still me llamo?

It's still me llamo. "Llamo" comes from the verb "llamar", and verbs do not change to correspond with gender. "Me llama" would translate to he/she/it/you formal calls me. Make sure you read Kevin's post on your previous thread.

What is the meaning of se llama Emilia?

Se llama Emilia en honor a su abuela.She's called Emilia in honor of her grandmother. Su hijo se llama Alberto por el padre.Her son is named Alberto after his father. Decidió llamarse Rex como nombre artístico.He decided to call himself Rex as his stage name. d.

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