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How do I get access to McLean County News?

All McLean County News subscribers receive complementary access to articles and the e-edition. To gain access to our content you need two things, a User Account and a Subscription. You can create a user account by clicking “Sign Up” below. Be sure to use the same email account affiliated with your print subscription.

What's happening at McLean County High School in 2022?

The McLean County High School football team held the 2022 banquet at the high school on Jan. 16. The team and coaching staff enjoyed a meal with their families before several awards were given to commemorate the accomplishments this season. The McLean County High School girls basketball team spent last week with a game at home and on the road.

Does McLean County Jail have too many mentally ill inmates?

By 25 News MCLEAN COUNTY (25 News Now) – A local jail says it has too many mentally ill inmates and should not be there. The McLean County Sheriff’s Office says the jail does not have the resources, as it’s left without help the state says it is supposed to provide. In the past three… … MORE

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