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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool math games?

Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids: Video Games 1.) Prodigy With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8, Prodigy is the perfect game for mastering mathematics both at home and at school (visit). 2.) Math Playground Math Playground is a popular learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of

How to play cool math games?

How to play the cool math game * slips your finger and throw balls, break all the bricks and finish all the challenges. * hit item to make extra balls and collect more stars.

Is math playground a free site?

The best part is it is free. Math Playground was developed by a teacher for teachers. Math Playground is a dual purpose Math application for use on touch based projection screens for teaching Math and for working on Math problems on tablet devices or personal computers.

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