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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some math problems for second grade?

Some second-grade math problems involve counting in number patterns, describing patterns, one-digit addition and subtraction, two-digit addition and subtraction, identifying fact families, knowing place values, learning multiplication tables and identifying shapes.

What math skills must be learned in second grade?

What Math Skills Must Be Learned in Second Grade? Counting and Place Value. Second grade students count by 1s up to 1,000 and understand that they could continue counting into infinity. Addition and Subtraction. Early in second grade students master basic addition facts for numbers one through 10 and the corresponding subtraction facts. Measurement and Money. ... Shapes. ... Telling Time. ... Interpreting Graphs. ...

What math concepts are taught in second grade?

Second grade also teaches the measurement of time using clocks and calendars. They are taught the concepts of minutes, half-hours, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Using both Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometers, second grade math students learn to demonstrate an understanding of temperatures.

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