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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a moth and a butterfly?

Moths have more feathery, or hairy, antennae compared to other animals. Butterflies have longer antennae than moths. Butterflies have thin antennae which appear more straight and which end in a ball or club-like sphere at the end. There are differences in the appearance of antennae because different antennae are used for different functions.

What are the antennae of a moth made of?

Moth antennae are made up of many scaled sensory segments. Simple linear antennae gradually decrease in diameter from base to tip, and the segments are plain. Most female antennae and some male are of this form. However most male antennae, and some female, have sclerotised branches on their segments known as the “rami” of a “pectinate” antenna.

What are the characteristics of moths in Lepidoptera?

These moths have thin bodies and large wings like many butterflies but may be distinguished easily by structural differences in their antennae (e.g. bipectinate ). ^ Scoble, MJ 1995. The Lepidoptera: form, function and diversity.

How do moths find their way around in the dark?

Hence, their antennae have evolved in a manner that makes it easier for them to navigate in the dark. The wider surface of antennae and the abundance of smell receptors make it possible for moths to detect smells from a distance of almost 7 mi (11.2 km) away.

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