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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Staffing Solutions?

Total Staffing Solutions is a full service recruitment firm that finds key individuals for organizations in temporary, contract and permanent positions. Success in business is driven by the team you have behind your company.

What are temporary staffing agencies?

A temporary staffing firm, also known as a temp agency or staffing agency, finds and retains workers to send out on short- or long-term assignments.

What is a temp staffing agency?

A staffing agency, also called a temp agency, can help bridge the gap for people stuck between jobs or for businesses that need to fill out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees. A temp agency has an army of workers with a variety of skills at its disposal.

What is manpower job?

Manpower is a company dedicated to providing employment for jobseekers. It provides workforce solutions to various businesses. It is connected with various associations and groups, thus enabling it to create more job opportunities.

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