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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Manpower Report format?

A strong manpower report format give you insights into the number of hours worked, the number of workers across different sites, and the description of work performed on those sites. Manpower reports can vary depending on the data you are collecting and the software you are using to collect it.

What is the Enterprise contractor manpower reporting application?

The Enterprise Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (ECMRA)’s primary mission is to facilitate Department of Defense (DoD) with compliance to section 2330a of title 10, United States Code. DoD is required to submit to Congress an annual Inventory of Contracts for Services (ICS) performed during the prior fiscal year.

How do I create a daily construction Manpower Report?

Creating a daily construction manpower report using Raken is quick and easy. Simply navigate to your Raken dashboard on a desktop, click on the arrow next to “Report” on the top right of the page, click “Manpower” and select the desired time frame. Note: Raken Manpower reports are only available to performance users.

What is Raken manpower reporting?

The Raken manpower reporting software allows you to export all your work log data into Excel, giving you insights over hours worked, manpower across multiple jobsites, as well as actual descriptions of work performed. The best part?

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