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Frequently Asked Questions

How does maintenance connection work?

With Maintenance Connection, we came up with a process that was completely paperless. Now, the technicians can go to their laptops and pick the parts they want to order or choose work orders to enter.

How do I manage maintenance and repairs on my System?

Schedule maintenance and repairs using triggers and alerts that include relevant documentation like repair histories and asset manuals. Utilize many features created to keep your sensitive data safe, including role-based access permissions, single sign-on, secure cloud storage and other key restrictions and authorizations.

Is mainmain maintenance connection SaaS?

Maintenance Connection can be deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which allows customers to get up and running with low upfront software expenses. Maintenance Connection can run on your own computer network (intranet/LAN) so you can easily interface with other systems without being online.

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