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Frequently Asked Questions

How does maintenance connection work?

With Maintenance Connection, we came up with a process that was completely paperless. Now, the technicians can go to their laptops and pick the parts they want to order or choose work orders to enter.

What is the maintenance for agagilent ELSD?

Agilent ELSD User Manual 83 Maintenance 7 Cleaning and Decontamination Cleaning and Decontamination Cleaning the Detector 1Turn the instrument off. 2Unplug all connection cables, the gas input and nebulizer tubing before cleaning. 3If the unit has been powered up, wait for it to cool down before proceeding.

What is the maintenance connection resource center?

The Maintenance Connection Resource Center is your one-stop shop for all the maintenance-related information you need to make your job easier. Resources are organized into the following four categories:

What type of licensing does mainmaintenance connection offer?

Maintenance Connection offers an annual subscription-based licensing model based on the number of named users. Perpetual licensing is available based on your organization's number of named users.

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