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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mainspring energy do?

Mainspring Energy, Inc. manufactures technological products for electricity generation. The Company offers semiconductor fabrication, surgical devices, concentrating solar power, gas turbines, and automated genetic sequencing services. Mainspring Energy is based in the State of California.

Why choose mainspring for clean onsite power generation?

Mainspring is able to integrate clean onsite generation with both renewables and the grid and we're pleased to support bringing this innovative product to market.“ A fundamentally new power generation technology designed for high efficiency, low cost, and ultimate flexibility.

What is a mainspring linear generator?

Mainspring Energy, the developer of a new generator technology that use fuels like biogas and hydrogen, has unveiled its Mainspring Linear Generator, with a $150 million contract with NextEra Energy Resources.

How much money has mainspring raised?

To date, Mainspring, which used to go by the name Etagen, has raised well over $80 million in financing.

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